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    About Your Best Tree Removal Services Company

    Expert Tree Removal Ponte Vedra is the best tree removal company in your area. We have been serving the Ponte Vedra-St Augustine area for years, providing the highest quality tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, brush clearing and emergency tree removal services for satisfied customers.

    Our team is dedicated to safety and efficiency, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and decades of collective experience towards making properties safer and more beautiful for the people who live on them. Don’t settle for sub-par companies that fail to give even adequate job experience and low grade customer service when you can rely on our company’s expertise and professionalism to deliver exactly what it is you are looking for.

    When it comes to tree removal, no matter if it’s for reasons of beautification or safety, our company is here to lend a hand and help you complete the project. We’ve become leaders in the field of tree removal services and have helped a multitude of satisfied customers to better realize the full potential of their property through our specialized tree care expertise.

    Ever since we started our company years ago we have grown to become leaders in the field of tree removal and tree care, enthusiastic in our commitment to arranging sensible tree removal plans for the Ponte Vedra-St Augustine area. It would be our pleasure to extend to you the services of our highly trained team of tree removal experts for all the tree care needs you may have.

    Tree Removal Services

    Tree removal means removal of a tree(s) or vegetation, through either direct or indirect actions including, but not limited to, clearing, topping or cutting, causing irreversible damage to roots or trunks; poisoning; destroying the structural integrity; and/or any filling, excavation, grading, or trenching in the dripline area of a tree which has the potential to cause irreversible damage to the tree, or relocation of an existing tree to a new planting location.

    If you were to get up on a ladder with a chainsaw, so many things could go wrong. You are putting yourself and your home at great risk. You could fall off the ladder, lose control or worse. And the tree limbs you’re cutting could fall on your home, go through a window, hit you, or even hit the ladder, knocking you off while holding a moving chainsaw. Falling tree limbs are large and completely unpredictable, which makes a dangerous combo.

    Most tree removal services use these size ranges as guidelines for charging but also include other factors such as location, power lines and accessibility to help determine total project costs. Taller trees tend to run more per foot because of accessibility. It’ll take more time and equipment to limb and cut down taller trees because of potential for damage to surrounding buildings, property and public utilities.

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