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    In Need of Brush Removal & Land Clearing Services in Ponte Vedra FL?

    land clearing

    Looking for Land Clearing Services?

    The clearing of brush and debris leftover on the property after a job is a laborious and never-ending job for those with expansive properties or lawns. Even if the homeowner does the cutting themselves, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done clearing the debris and taking it to a landfill. Our company specializes in shrub and brush clearing for people who simply don’t have the equipment or energy to do such a task with the tools they have at hand.

    Land clearing means the uprooting or clearing of vegetation in connection with construction for buildings; right-of-way maintenance; agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial development; mining activities; or the initial clearing of vegetation to enhance property value; but does not include routine maintenance or property clean-up activities.

    Land clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps, brush, stones, and other obstacles from an area as required to increase the size of the crop-producing land base of an existing farm or to provide land for a new farm operation. The newly cleared land must be ready for cultivation, including liming and leveling to meet acceptable crop rotation and soil conservation goals.

    Land clearing

    Land clearing is the process of cutting down tall vegetation, trees, shrubs, or vines that choke the land and make it unproductive or unsightly. Rocks, timber, or other debris is also removed so that the expanse of property is even and accessible to pedestrian and mower traffic. Whether it is a new piece of property that needs to be cleaned up or an overgrown landscape, land clearing is the necessary next step to taking back control so the property can be utilized again for its intended purpose.

    Brush removal

    Thick brush that can take over a particular property can be nearly impossible to remove without the proper equipment and expertise. Managing what is done with the resulting cut brush is actually most of the issue with brush removal- whatever is cut and cast down needs to be dealt with by removing to a secondary location. This can be dangerous and difficult work to the uninitiated who often find themselves way in over their heads and unable to deal with the scope of the project. Thick brush contains snakes and other dangerous creatures that may injure a homeowner who attempts to clear brush by hand. It is much more advisable to use our brush clearing professionals who will bring the proper equipment to tackle the job.

    Creating Mulch

    For some property and homeowners, it may be expedient to request a wood chipper or mulching machine be brought in to create high-quality mulching material to be used in other projects. When it comes to land clearing and brush removal, this can be a very feasible option instead of attempting to remove the debris to secondary off-site locations. Mulch can be used to amend the soil, add carbon to compost piles, spread over gardens to prevent moisture evaporation, or used to smother areas of grass that need to be killed for agricultural purposes.

    Opening up areas for other use

    If you need areas of land for gardening or establishing healthy grass, it may be necessary to have our brush and shrub clearing specialists come out to help you. Having thick brush and shrub infest your property makes it exceedingly difficult to complete any landscaping projects you may have. It’s impossible to grow vibrant lawns when any number of woody weeds and long-established shrubs dot your landscape. These plants must be removed properly and completely to ensure that they don’t return to choke out any new grass that you are trying to grow.

    Need a Brush Removal & Land Clearing Service?