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Dangerous Tree Removal

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Often times after especially powerful storms or unexpected cracking in the tree due to disease or death of the tree, limbs or even the main trunk of the tree become dangers to people and properties. This is an especially important task for professional tree removal services and one that our team excels at achieving. To ascend an already damaged or dying tree can be unpredictable and requires years of experience to successfully pull off. We highly recommend you call us for these projects instead of doing them yourself due to the hazardous nature of the situation.

Proximity to power lines

It is extremely common that a tree becomes a danger to power lines close to it. The limbs of these trees can present an immediate issue during storms or high winds, collapsing onto the power lines and bringing them down to the ground where they can transform into deadly hazards for people living in the area. These challenges are some of the most important problems that homeowners face when it comes to deciding to have a tree removed. It is best to tackle the problem before it starts and have our tree removal company come out to fell the tree.

Dead or dying trees

When a tree begins to die or is already dead it loses its structural integrity as decay and rot takes place inside of the trunk and the heavy branches. Even moderately powerful winds can split and knock these trees over onto people and property nearby. When hurricane season comes it is especially dangerous, as the weaker limbs can become projectiles in the powerful winds. Pests can also begin to infest the tree and hasten its collapse, not to mention that these pests can become a menace to homeowners who live nearby.

Diseased trees

It may not seem like a pressing issue for emergency tree removal but disease can infect a tree and leap to other host trees in the area, spreading far and wide before a homeowner even knows what is happening. Diseased trees will eventually become weak and liable to collapse during storms or high winds, necessitating their removal. You must absolutely maintain vigilance when it comes to the health of your trees and mustn’t hesitate to call our tree removal company to come out and halt the spread of the infection before it leaps onto other properties and forests.

Storm damaged trees

This is something that we in Florida are all too familiar with. Typically trees are well anchored to the soil by their root systems and are never in danger of being blown away by the winds, but their weaker limbs eventually snap from the pressure of gale force winds and become dangerous projectiles. Trees can also split down the middle and eventually collapse due to infection and disease that infiltrates the opened wounds caused by the storm. It is better to have our emergency tree removal specialists come out and fell the damaged tree before it causes any harm to people or property.

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