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    Looking for Tree Service in Ponte Vedra FL?

    If you are searching for Tree Service Ponte Vedra FL you have come to the right place. Healthy and vibrant trees require some expert care for them to reach their full potential. The health and vibrancy of a tree can be affected by poor soil conditions or tree placement, something our experts are trained in recognizing. Allowing trees to grow naturally often produces highly misshapen, unsightly or even dangerous limb growth that approaches property or power lines. It takes years of experience in tree cutting to know how to treat each tree appropriately and prune the branches in ways that encourage healthy and safe growth. Our professional tree service is available to assist customers in the Ponte Vedra area.

    Tree Service Ponte Vedra FL

    Anything unexpected which may arise with the trees or shrubbery on your property, our team of experts can fix it. If you need professional advice on where to plant new trees, how to care for existing trees, consulting on moving already established trees to new locations, or any other myriad of challenges that come up, we have your back. With years of experience in the field of professional tree service in Ponte Vedra, you can rest assured that you and your trees will be in the best possible hands.

    If the tree to be removed is near power lines, you must assume the lines are energized, which make them extremely dangerous. Before planning the tree’s removal, contact your utility company to determine how the power lines may be shielded or de-energized while the tree is removed. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, any trees within 10 feet of a power line must be removed by a trained line-clearance tree remover who should be accompanied by a second trained remover within voice range so the two can easily communicate.

    Even if the tree you want to remove isn’t near power lines, planning ahead is important to ensure a safe removal. Your tree removal service should examine the site for potential hazards if workers need to climb the tree, such as weak limbs or broken branches. If the tree is extremely large, they’ll need to determine how best to dismantle it into smaller pieces so it’s easier to take down. Take the weather into consideration — the tree shouldn’t be removed on a windy, rainy or snowy day that might make the removal process more dangerous.

    Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning requires expert and professional tree service experience to adequately and properly shape the tree branches during its growth. Tree limbs have a habit of growing in unpredictable ways according to their environment, weather patterns and damage sustained during storms or the tree’s sapling phase of growth. Our tree pruning specialists are experts in their field and can quickly and efficiently identify which branches to cut, where to cut and which method should be used to encourage a pattern of growth that is conducive to the health of the tree and the appearance of the homeowner’s landscape.

    Disinfecting Tree Wounds

    Open wounds in trees, namely scars produced after trauma to the bark, can expose softer elements of the tree’s trunk and make it susceptible to diseases that can enter the tree’s circulatory system, much as other organisms operate. It is therefore necessary to apply certain treatments to these wounds in the tree to prevent the tree from becoming infected with any number of fungal diseases that can quickly affect the health of the tree. Our tree service professionals can help you keep the health of your trees up to standard.

    Dangerous Hanging Limbs

    If a tree is already properly cared for and isn’t in need of comprehensive pruning there may still be the necessity to preform tree lopping on a suspect branch with the right tools. This can be extremely dangerous to attempt by untrained homeowners. The limb may crack or fall in unexpected ways, possibly injuring anyone who may lie in the path of the falling debris. It is by far the most preferably path to allow our trained professionals to assist you in this hazardous task since we have years of professional experience in safely lopping tree limbs with the proper tools.

    Acorns, Fallen Branches and Leaves

    For some homeowners the efforts required to maintain their landscape is simply too much. Trees that produce a lot of debris can inundate your lawn with useless fruits, nuts, acorns or pests. Very large trees become a particular nuisance when fall come and their leaves shed down onto the grass, killing whatever lays beneath them. If you are unable to provide attentive care to your grass, you may find that trees become an enemy to your perfect lawn.

    Need a Tree Service Ponte Vedra FL?